Here for you every step of the way

We’ll are here to help you through one of life’s most difficult times.
Our funeral service is available to everyone, churchgoers or not. You can come to church for the service, or we will come with you to the Crematorium or Cemetery and lead the service there.
We consider it a huge privilege to be with you at a difficult time.
We want to help

We offer support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed.
We always begin by arranging to see you. We shape what we offer around your needs. We want to give thanks for the person you have lost and to base the service around them. 

There is some specific guidance during Covid-19 found in our Healing and Wholeness page here.
The service itself
It is important to us that the funeral itself is as personal as true to life as possible. We make it as relaxed and helpful as possible. Every person is unique, and we will encourage you to help us make the funeral reflect their life and character.
Our message at funerals is always one of hope. Although there is sadness because someone you know and love has died, in every Church of England funeral there will also be a message of hope in life with God after death. 
If you have lost a special person, your bereavement will take time.
It can help you to know that support is there when needed. You may value a place to talk, or to be still, or to light a candle.  You may value the prayers of the church at Seasalter. You may even want to come to church yourself.
We are always here for you.
Paulette Stubbings
07305 611 437 
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