03 prayerGiving generously is one of our core values. We are grateful for God’s wonderful generosity in Christ, and for the many ways God has provided for our church family.                               
As a community we practice the grace of generosity, seeking to serve Christian mission close to home and far away.  We commend the tithe as the standard for Christian giving in good times and in bad, and we seek to rely on the resources of God for the work of God.
If you would like to contribute financially to the ministry of the church have a look at this booklet, Giving for Life - The why and how of Christian Giving and contact Ceri, who will answer your questions.

If you wish to fill out a pledge form to join our 'Planned Giving Scheme' then download the form here and follow the instructions that are outlined on it.

Contact: Ceri Charilaou, the Stewardship Secretary -