My Story

Having Communion at Church

Dear Parents

Every child is unique and valued in our church, and Holy Communion expresses our joy in being together in the presence of God. Having the bread and wine/ grape juice is open to all children who have been baptised. Your child might prefer to have a blessing, or simply to watch. However we join in, we are all welcomed by God and each other.

My Story about Having Communion in Church is a very simple 'social story' about what happens when we have Communion at the Christian Centre. If you think it will be helpful for your child, please feel free to download and share it at home.

Social stories can be especially helpful for children who find new experiences difficult, including children on the autism spectrum, but they are also great for young children.

We are always happy to talk through any questions you might have about your child and Communion. Just speak to one of the leaders beforehand. And please let us know if there is anything we can do to help your child feel relaxed and able to join in.