About Us

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St Alphege, Seasalter is one church, presently with five congregations. Each of our congregations is different, with different people and different styles. We rejoice in our difference, because there is a place for everyone. But we also rejoice in our unity – we are one family in Christ, with the same vision and values.

We are called to be an inclusive church. A diverse, cross generational community gathered around Jesus Christ, without boundaries or distinctions is a thrilling thing to be part of. Helping each other feel like we belong is crucial for us. We don't just want to be a friendly church – we want to be a church where you can make friends.

We are called to help and encourage each other on the journey of life and of faith. Cells and Nurture groups of various kinds help us to do this. Also, we often learn from children, are inspired by young people and are encouraged by those who are older. We want to help each other to live for God’s kingdom in the whole of life – so that we and our communities are transformed.  

We are called to become followers of Jesus who in turn are helping others to become his followers. So we want to grow in character as the confident, loving, serving and whole people God wants us to be. We are committed to allowing God to lead our church so that together we become a sign and servant of his transforming Kingdom.

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