A Letter from Steve 

Important Church Family News 


Dear brothers and sisters
At the beginning of September, I will be leaving our church here at Seasalter to take up a new post for our diocese.
If you missed the news on Sunday 23rd, I am sorry – I would have liked to tell everyone personally, but that just isn’t possible.
The new role is that of the diocesan Missioner – which rejoices under the full title of Canterbury Diocesan Local Mission and Growth Advisor. So that will involve working alongside churches across the diocese, encouraging them to be outward looking and to go for growth.
In due course I will share at church how this has come about. Suffice to say for now that, while the new role is exciting, my overwhelming feeling right now is of deep sadness at leaving such a wonderful church, and all of you, whom I love. I shall not be able to find the words to say what a privilege it has been to be with all of you here over the past 23 years.
At the same time, you have a wonderfully exciting future here in so many ways. For this, and for the journey Vicky and I have shared with so many of you for so long, we are deeply grateful. Though this is a sad moment for us personally, we trust that, in time, gratitude to God and excitement for the future will be the dominant note for us all.
Yours in the love of Christ
Vicar of Seasalter and Team Rector of Whitstable