Lent 2019 

 How will you be journeying through Lent this year?

Mark Fagg is leading a contemplative Lent course on Thursdays and Fridays at SCC (see below)

contemplative prayer

Or you may like to work through a book personally or in your small group or Cell group.

Resilient DiscipleI’m going to be working my way through this book ‘The Resilient Disciple’ which was written by Justine Allain Chapman who taught when I did my Theological training.   It offers a day-by-day journey through Lent with readings, prayers, questions and material for personal or small group use, looking at what it is to become a resilient disciple in the face of the challenges that can suddenly hit us in life. 

ReconciliationArchbishop Justin Welby’s  Lent book for 2019 is ‘Reconciliation’ by Dr Muthuraj Swamy and contains 40 Biblically-based meditations connected with reconciliation, peace and justice.  There are questions for reflection that can be used personally or in groups.

‘40 Acts’  has been a popular initiative in previous years – visit www.40acts.org.uk for details.  ’40 days, 40 reflections, 40 challenges to make a difference’   Good for families to engage with too as there are plenty of resources for all ages with practical things to do that bring Lent alive.
Whatever you do, whether it’s alongside somebody else or in your own time and space, I pray it’s a fruitful journey.  

Love, Paulette