The Shift 

40 days of prayer to shift the spiritual atmosphere and enable things to happen.


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You are invited to pray!

  • At Seasalter Christian Centre in the Oyster Bay and Harbour Rooms each morning from Wednesday 1 February – Sunday 12 March at 6.00–7.00am except Sundays 7.00–8.00am, we would love to see you there!
  • At home at a time of your choice every day – for example, first thing in the morning for 5 minutes and last thing at night for 5 minutes, or a midday for 10 minutes, and so on.
  • Each morning you are welcome to pray at the Christian Centre with a mixture of more active or more reflective styles. The Chapel, Harbour Room and Oyster-Bay Room are available and you can opt in or out of what is going on as you prefer.

1 Chronicles 4.10 (‘the prayer of Jabez’) and Isaiah 54.2 – 3a will be used as the basis for prayer, with a different element from them each week.

For the whole church in Whitstable
that through God’s ‘belonging, believing, becoming’ church we will see our lives, our town and our world being transformed by the power of God’s love in Jesus Christ
For the church at Seasalter in particular
That God will lead us in outreach in Lucerne Drive
That he will guide us in outreach elsewhere in the area
That he will provide the resources for us to complete the reordering of the Old Church soon (the Renew and Restore project)
That the church will grow in number and in depth, including the Y congregation
That the church will become more active in evangelism
That God will call people to join our Youth Ministry leadership teams
A different element from the Prayer of Jabez and Isaiah 54 will be highlighted each of the 6 weeks.

All are welcome to join us on the this adventure in prayer. Below is the latest copy of the prayer notes to help us prayer this week.

The Shift - February 15th - 21st